The Sopranos

LookAlikes & Impersonators


For Tony and Carmela from the HBO hit series Will Liven Up Your Next Party, Promotion, Corporate Event, or Fund Raiser.
Donald as Tony Soprano

Don is the Winner of The Sopranos Look-Alike Contest held by HBO and was James Gandolfini's Photo Double on The Sopranos. He's also the world's only real-life link between The Sopranos and Goodfellas*


"I almost was fooled, I thought you were Tony" Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

“Donald, you really do look a lot like Jimmy … It’s a little freaky
to say the least.”
Tony Sirico.

Allison as Carmela Soprano

Alley is a professional entertainer, singer, actress, and was Edie Falco's Stand-in, Stunt Double, and Photo Double on The Sopranos, and for Nurse Jackie on Showtime


They can meet, greet, and schmooze with your guests, present awards, do toasts, argue with each other, talk about their working on the show, and Tony can humiliate those you want made an example out of.

Have Tony & Carmela Soprano as Guests at Your Wedding

Dearest Tony,
You made what could have been an awkward wedding celebration an event that no one will ever forget!
You and Carmela were one of the family. My friends and relatives and newly acquired in-laws are
still raving about the party. Who knew that my little luncheon at Holsteins would provide me with
the magic needed to make what was a long anticipated event into an unforgettable evening!

Pat r.

Thank you so much for making my husbands 50th birthday really special, you did a great job and I
appreciated it greatly. Take care and I will definitely spread the word about you.
Everyone enjoyed your schtick … lol,

Anissa W.

Imagine the excitement and the double-takes when Tony and Carmela Soprano enter the room !

You and your guests can feel free to take pictures with ‘The Sopranos’

It’ll be an experience you’ll be talking about long afterwards.